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Welcome to the Veeam User Group Hong Kong and Macau!

Join this group to hear the latest Veeam news and product updates, connect with other Veeam users to share your experiences, discuss topics that are important to you and hear from the best in the industry.

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Veeam will be shipping 14 individual products this quarter! 

Here is the full list of what will be shipping this quarter: 

1. Veeam Backup & Replication v11, 

2. Veeam Agent for Linux v5, 

3. Veeam Agent for Mac, 

4. Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows v5, 

5. Veeam Plug-in for Oracle RMAN (AIX), 

6. Veeam Plug-in for Oracle RMAN (Linux) v3, 

7. Veeam Plug-in for Oracle RMAN (Solaris) v2, 

8. Veeam Plug-in for Oracle RMAN (Windows) v3, 

9. Veeam Plug-in for SAP HANA v3, 

10. Veeam Plug-in for SAP on Oracle, 

11. Veeam Availability Orchestrator v4, 

12. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v2, 

13. Veeam ONE v11 

14. Veeam Service Provider Console v5.