Veeam User Group (Hong Kong & Macau)


The VUG (Veeam User Group) is a community of Veeam users. It is a great way to connect, share experiences, learn from your peers and expand your network.

The resources available to you range from face-to-face, virtual user group meetings to online groups, discussion boards, blogs, podcasts, and live stream broadcasts.

Make sure you are taking advantage of all these offerings!


  1. What topics are being addressed at VUG meetings? 
    The VUG meeting’s agenda is loose and you are welcome to contribute.
  2. Who can take part?
    Veeam users who want to get the most from their solution or those who want to start using Veeam products, but don’t know where to start.
  3. May I bring a fellow attendee to a VUG meeting and online group? Absolutely! You are welcome to share the registration page or invitation to the group with those who are interested.
  4. How to attend VUG meetings?
    Check out our events calendar here. You can also join the online Veeam User Group to become a member and stay updated on upcoming VUG meetings in your area.
  5. Is there a fee for participants?
    No, VUG membership is FREE!
  6. Who is behind local VUG chapters?
    Local VUG chapters are led by VUG leaders. Want to become a leader?Please contact the Veeam User Group team.
  7. Who can start a local VUG if there are none in my region yet? Anyone except for sales representatives at a company selling products or services to Veeam users.
  8. How does Veeam support a VUG?
    An official VUG receives global recognition and access to the latest product news first-hand, as well as content and speakers. Veeam also provides event organizational support if needed.
  9. Can I become a sponsor of a VUG?
    Please contact the Veeam User Group team [email protected].